The Poetical Gallery - Itinerant Poetry at the Palatine Gallery


Palatine Gallery

Pittura e PoesiaThe Uffizi Galleries celebrate William Shakespeare’s anniversary, traditionally commemorated on the 23rd of April as conventional date of his birth and death, within the magnificent framework of the Palatine Gallery at Pitti Palace.

Printed lyric verses will be indeed exhibited near artworks along the museum in April and May in order to highlight the strong relationship between art and literature, vision and word, silent poetry and talking painting.

Moreover, on Sunday 23 from 10:00am to 01:00pm, five contemporary authors will read assorted verses in different languages written by themselves or extracted from other authors’ poems and alluding to subjects featured in the Gallery “in search of the inner museum”.


Poetry and Painting, Francesco Furini, oil on canvas, 1626, Palatine Gallery.