"The bench of fairytales": high school students will read fairytales to visitors in the Boboli Garden


Boboli Garden

Starting from the 16th of May until mid-June, students from different high schools of the Florentine area will offer citizens and visitors the possibility of enriching their stay in the pleasant cool of Boboli and Villa Ventaglio, entertaining kids with fairy tales and stories full of magic and wonder.

During the weekends the students will be accompanied by “exceptional storytellers”, the actress Lucia Poli among others, and, changing roles for one day, the museums’ staff.

“The Bench of Fairy Tales”: this is the title of the initiative, and will include more than 120 students involved, during their school/work alternance, in a project that not only represents  a useful way of being educated to our artistic and landscape heritage but is also aimed at enhancing, in the younger generations, the fascination for storytelling and their skills in interpersonal communication.